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Sl. No.Name of ScientistDesignationProfile Details 1.Dr. A.K. Chaudhary (Plant Breeding) Principal ScientistView Profile 2.Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (Agronomy)I/c Head & Principal ScientistView Profile 3.Dr. Mohd. Monobrullah (Agril Entomology)Principal Scientist 4.Dr. Narayan Bhakta (Genetics & Plant Breeding)Principal Scientist 5.Dr. Santosh Kumar (Plant Breeding)Senior Scientist View Profile 6.Dr. Rakesh Kumar (Agronomy) Senior ScientistView Profile 7.Sh. Karnena Koteshwar Rao (Soil Science)Scientist(On Study Leave)View Profile 8.Dr. Abhishek Kumar Dubey (Plant Pathology)ScientistView Profile 9.Dr. Manisha Tamta (Agril. Meteorology) Scientist (On Study Leave)View Profile 10.Dr. Kumari Shubha (Veg. Science)ScientistView Profile 11.Dr....


IFB-XIII Tender Document for Shifting of high tension wire (11000 Volt) from centre of the farm to the boundary fencing of NRC-IF, Piprakothi, Motihari