Livestock & Fishery Management

Division of Livestock and Fishery Management

The Division of Livestock and Fisheries Management (erstwhile Livestock and Fishery Improvement and Management Programme) came to the existence in August 2003. Besides research activities, developmental work was undertaken on priority for creation of infrastructural facilities like animal houses, procurement of laboratory equipments & farm development for establishment of livestock and fisheries research at ICAR Parisar. The Division started with the objective to develop and evaluate technologies for breeding, feeding and health care of livestock, poultry and fishery suitable to the climate of Eastern Region. Presently, the DLFM is working in the following thrust areas:
*Development of livestock and fish based integrated farming system to support livelihood and generate employment.
*Crop-livestock integration through dairy based enterprises
*Development of technologies for improving livestock, poultry and fish health and production
*Fish seed, feed and management of fishponds
*Augmentation of fodder resources to ensure availability of fodder round the year
*To undertake strategic and adaptive research for efficient integrated management of natural resources
*To enhance productivity of agricultural production systems comprising of agricultural and horticultural crops, agro-forestry, livestock, avian and fisheries in different agro-ecological zones of the eastern region.

Our Scientist


Sl. No.Name of ScientistDesignationProfile Details
1.Dr. Kamal Sarma (Fish & Fisheries Sci.) Head & Principal ScientistView Profile
2.Dr. A. Dey (Animal Nutrition) Principal ScientistView Profile
3.Dr. Shankar Dayal (Anim. Gen. & Breeding)Principal ScientistView Profile
4.Dr. Pankaj Kumar (Veterinary Medicine)Principal ScientistView Profile
5.Dr. P. C. Chandran (Anim. Gen. & Breeding)Senior ScientistView Profile
6.Dr. P. K. Ray (Animal Pathology) ScientistView Profile
7.Dr. (Smt.) Rajni Kumari (Biotechnology-Animal)ScientistView Profile
8.Dr. Tarkeshwar Kumar (Aquaculture)ScientistView Profile
9.Sh. Surendra Kumar ahirwal (FRM) ScientistView Profile
10.Dr. Manoj Kumar Tripathi (Animal Physiology)ScientistView Profile
11.Dr. Jyoti Kumar, Scientist (Vet. Microbilogy)Scientist
12.Dr. Vivekanand Bharti (Fisheries Resource Mang.)ScientistView Profile
13.Dr. Rakesh Kumar (AGB)Scientist