Auction Notice

ICAR - RCER Auction Notice

Notice No.TitlePublish DateLast Date
F.No.: RC-Ranchi/ 20-21/Pur-2/ Auction Fruits"Advertisement of "Auction Notice No. 05/2021" of ICAR-RCER, FSRCHPR, Ranchi on 16.09.2021"18.09.202124.09.2021
F.No.: RC-Ranchi/ 20-21/Pur-2/ Auction Fruits"Tender Notice 04/2021 for Advt. of Auction of Fruits (Guava) at ICAR-RCER, Farming System Research Centre for Hill & Plateau Region, Plandu, Ranchi on 24.8.2021 at 10.30 am."09.08.202123.08.2021
F.No. IRCER/17-18/P&S-25/Write Offनीलामी सूचना28.07.202103.08.2021
03/2021Tender Notice for Auction of Fruits (Mango & Litchi) at Farm I & II of ICAR-RCER, FSRCHPR, Plandu, Ranchi -1005.05.202120.05.2021
02/21निविदा सूचना 02/2120.03.202131.03.2021
2/2021Auction of Fruits (mango & litchi) at ICAR-RCER, FSRCHPR, Plandu, Ranchi15.03.202131.03.2021
F.No. IRCER/2020-21/P&S-25/Write Off/2543नीलामी सूचना28.01.202110.02.2021
1/2020-21Advertisement for Auction of Old Vehicles at ICAR-RCER, Farming System Research Centre, Plandu, Ranchi
27.11.202010.12.2020 (11.30 AM)
F.No. IRCER/2020-21/P&S-25/Write Off/DLFMAuction_ Notice04.09.202009.09.2020
F.No. IRCER/2020-21/P&S-25/DLFM/Write Offनीलामी सूचना24.08.202009.09.2020
F.No.: RC-Ranchi/ 20-21/Purchase-04/ Auction Cow/1120-1128Auction Notice for Cow of ICAR RCER, FSRCHPR, Plandu, Ranchi 83401026.06.202006.07.2020
F.N.:RC-Ranchi/20-21/Pur-2/Auction Fruits/933Auction Notice for Guava and Pear Fruit of ICAR RCER, FSRCHPR, Plandu, Ranchi 83401016.06.202030.06.2020
IRCER/18-19/P&S-49(iv)/MGIFRI/4374नीलामी सूचना10.01.202017.01.2020
IRCR/2017-18/P&S-25/Write Off/2406नीलामी सूचना27.09.201915.10.2019
IRCR/2017-18/P&S-25/Write Off/2084नीलामी सूचना06.09.201912.09.2019
IRCR/2017-18/P&S-25/Write Offनीलामी सूचना 27.07.201902.08.2019
RC-Ranchi/19-20/Purchase-02/Auction & Write Off cases
Auction Notice for Animals viz. Cow & Calf at ICAR-RCER, Research Centre, Plandu, Ranchi on 7.6.2019 at 2.30 pm27.05.201907.06.2019
IRCER/18-19/P&S-49 (iv)/MGIFRIनीलामी सूचना18.03.201927.03.2019
IRCER/18-19/P&S-49 (iv)/MGIFRIनीलामी सूचना03.01.201916.01.2019 11 AM
IRCER/17-18/P&S-25/Write offनीलामी सूचना5.12.201817.12.2018 11 AM
IRCER/2017-18/P&S-25/Write offनीलामी सूचना 10.11.201824.11.2018 11AM
Auction Notice06.07.2018
Invitation for Auction-Purchase of Farm Produces04.05.201810.05.2018