Online Collaborative Training on “Climate Smart Technologies for Improving Farm Productivity”           Download  Brochure     

Online Training on Basic Statistical Tools in Agriculture           Download  Brochure     

Farmer’s Training Programme organized at ICAR-RCER, Patna       

Model Training Course On “Doubling Farmers’ Income through Advances in Animal Disease Diagnosis and  Management” during  28  February to  6 March, 2020      Download Brochure     

Model Training Course on“Recent advances in horticulture and post harvest technologies for livelihood security” during  19-26th  December, 2019        Download Brochure     

Training on “Recent Innovations in Climate Smart Technology and Its up scaling Strategy” Organized during September 18-22, 2019.   

Model Training Course On “Advances in Marketing and Supply Chain Management of Agricultural Produce” from December 10-17, 2019 at ICAR-RCER, Patna                                         Download Brochure        

Training program on “Popularization of women friendly farm tools and equipment” organized during 30-31 August 2019.  

Training on “Recent Innovations in Climate Smart Technology and Its up scaling Strategy” during September 18-22, 2019.                                 Download Brochure

A Short Course on “Conservation Agriculture for Climate Resilient Farming & Doubling Farmer’s Income” will be organised during 14-23 October, 2019.  Download Brochure  

Model Training Course On “Conservation Agriculture: Mitigating Climate Change Effects & Doubling Farmers Income”.                  Brochure    &  Application Form

Training on “Recent Advances in Integrated Fish Farming Organized 

Modal Training Course on Market Led Extension Organised at ICAR-RCER, Patna  

Model Training Course On “Market Led Agriculture Extension-Concept and Practices” from October 4-11, 2017 at ICAR-RCER, Patna                                                 Brochure & Application Form

Capacity Building on “Recent Advances in Integrated Fish Farming” 

Training on Poultry Rearing and Disease Control under Farmer’s FIRST Programme    

A Three Day Capa city-Building Programme on “General Administration and Management” Organized  at ICAR-RCER, Patna  

 Request to ICAR Unit Heads and CAU VCs for Nominations to our Capacity Building Programme


Winter School  on “OPTIMIZATION OF PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY OF INTEGRATED FISH – LIVESTOCK FARMING” at ICAR-RCER, Patna                                        Brochure & Application Form 

Training on Ornamental Fish Culture and Management for Livelihood Improvement of Rural Women organized 

Organization of 10 days short course on “Recent Advances in Livestock Fish  Integrated Farming System” during February 10-19, 2016                                                Brochure & Application Form  

 8 days Model Training Course On integrated farming system : An  option for upliftment in livelihood of small and  marginal farmers    (02-09 February, 2016)  Brochure  &  Application Form

 Organization of 10 days short course on “Livelihood improvement   of rural youth through livestock and poultry    based interventions”    during December 15-24, 2015       Brochure    Application Form

 Training on Makhana                               Click here for details

 Training on Dairy Animals                       Click here for details

 Summer School                                     Click here for details

  Training Programme on Soil                    Click here for details
and Water Conservation 20-26 Dec.2012

 Training Programme on Soil and                Click here for details
Water Conservation 4-9 Feb.2013

 Training Programme on “Integrated Fish       Click here for details
Farming” from  26 Feb. to 7 march 2014

 Training Programme on “Soil and Water   Click here for details
Conservation for IWMP” from 23 to 29
august 2014
  Training on Seasonal/Offseasonal vegetable cultivation
 held on  March,9-13, 2015                                   Click here for details