Socio-economics & Extension

Division of Socio-economic and Extension (DSEE)

The Division started with following objectives

  • Socio-economic and impact assessment studies on agricultural technologies.
  • Socio-economic and policy research including service delivery.
  • Technology assessment, refinement and transfer.
  • Capacity building and Human Resource development


  • Socio-economic and policy research
  • Technology assessment and refinement
  • Transfer of technology
  • Human resource development and impact assessment of technologies for the Eastern Region

Our Scientist

Sl. No.Name of ScientistDesignationProfile Details
1.Dr. Ujjwal Kumar (Agri. Extn.)Head & Principal ScientistView Profile
2.Dr. Abhay Kumar (Agri. Statistics) Principal Scientist
3.Dr. Naresh Chandra (Agri. Econ.)Principal Scientist
4.Dr. Dhiraj Kumar Singh (Agri. Extn.) Scientist, Sr. ScaleView Profile
5.Dr. Rohan Kumar Raman, Scientist (Agri. Statistics)Sr. ScientistView Profile
6.Dr. Tanmay Kumar Koley (Horticulture Pomology)ScientistView Profile
7.Dr. Anirban Mukherjee (Agri. Extn.)ScientistView Profile
8.Sh. Banda Sainath (Agril. Economics)ScientistView Profile