At present the Complex has developed well-equipped laboratories for plant, soil and water analysis and natural resource management.

Soil and Water Analysis laboratory: The laboratory is equipped with state-of the-art equipment for micro and macro nutrient analysis like atomic absorption spectrometer, particle size analyzer, automatic nitrogen analyzer, flow injection analyzer, time domain reflectometer for soil moisture measurement, neutron probe analyzer, pressure plate apparatus and soil penetrometer besides basic laboratory facilities.

Plant Science laboratory: The laboratory has sophisticated facilities like portable photosynthesis measuring system, PAM chlorophyll fluorometer, porometer, pressure chamber apparatus, thermocouple psychromotor, sap flow meter, automatic leaf area meter, crop canopy analyzer, line quantum sensors, tube solarimeters, UV-VIS double beam spectrophotometer, theta probes and portable chlorophyll meters.

Pressurized irrigation laboratory: The laboratory was developed under Team of Excellence Project funded by NATP on .Pressurized Irrigation. and is equipped to undertake the indoor and outdoor testing of various pressurized irrigation system components. It also has a plastic injection moulding machine for in-house fabrication of various components of pressurized irrigation system for research and development work.

Livestock and Fisheries laboratory: The laboratory is equipped with modern equipments like Automatic Milk Analyzer, Kjeltech, Trinocular Research Microscope with digital photographic system, Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope, Water Analyzing Kit beside basic laboratory facilities for conducting research in Animal and Fishery Sciences. An Eco-hatchery has been installed as a facility for breeding of fishes.

Research Farm: The institute has two research farms one of 4.0 ha at WALMI Complex and another of 17.0 ha at Sabajpura (about 2 km from WALMI Complex) at Patna. The research farms have basic facilities for supporting field experimentation and demonstrations. The facilities are being strengthened.

ICAR RCER, Farming System Research Centre for Hill and Plateau Region, Plandu, Ranchi : The ICAR RCER, FSRCHPR, Ranchi is located at Plandu, 17 km away from Ranchi on Ranchi-Tata Road (NH-33). The center is housed in a spacious building. The laboratories are well equipped with Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, UV-VIS Double Beam spectrophotometer, Plant canopy analyzer, Soil moisture meter, Neutron probe, Flame photometer, PCR machine, electrophoresis apparatus, phase-contrast stereo zoom microscope, wood microtome apparatus etc. to support soil and plant analysis, plant pathology, mushroom research and micro propagation and seed testing. The center has 16 greenhouses for large-scale multiplication of different horticultural crops. The other infrastructural facilities available include Cool chamber for research on storage of horticultural crops, seed storage facility, automatic weather station etc. The research farms of HARP are located at four places namely Plandu (70.4 ha), Churu (99.2 ha), Garake (7.5 ha) and Lalkhatanga (41.7 ha) and have excellent facilities for field experiments on horticultural crops. The facilities are being strengthened.

ICAR RCER, Research Center Makhana, DarbhangaICAR RCER, Research Center Makhana, Darbhanga has an area of 25 acres of land comprising office building and staff quarters. The laboratories of this centre well equipped with modern facilities, for carrying out chemical analysis of soil and water, and for keeping specimen of fishes. Presently, Makhana is cultivated in 1.5 acres of land, water chestnut in 01 acre, 06 Makhana ponds in 1.5 acres and rest 10 acres of land is used for cultivation of rice, wheat, mustard etc. The facilities are being strengthened.