Details of Scientist


Division of Socio-Economics & Extension

Sl. No.Name of ScientistDesignationProfile Details
1.Dr. Ujjwal Kumar (Agri. Extn.)Head & Principal ScientistView Profile
2.Dr. Abhay Kumar (Agri. Statistics) Principal Scientist
3.Dr. Naresh Chandra (Agri. Econ.)Principal Scientist
4.Dr. Dhiraj Kumar Singh (Agri. Extn.) Scientist, Sr. ScaleView Profile
5.Dr. Tanmay Kumar Koley (Horticulture Pomology)Scientist
6.Dr. Anirban Mukherjee (Agri. Extn.)ScientistView Profile
7.Dr. Rohan Kumar Raman, Scientist (Agri. Statistics)ScientistView Profile

Division of Land and Water Management

Sl. No.Name of ScientistDesignationProfile Details
1.Dr. Ashutosh Upadhyaya (SWCE)I/c Head & Principal ScientistView Profile
2.Dr. (Mrs.) Shivani (Agronomy)Principal Scientist
3.Dr. Anil Kumar Singh (Agronomy)Principal ScientistView Profile
4.Dr. Bikash Sarkar (FMP)Principal ScientistView Profile
5.Dr. Ajay Kumar (SWCE) Principal ScientistView Profile
6.Dr. Manibhushan (Computer Appl.)Senior Scientist View Profile
7.Dr. P. K. Sundaram (Farm Machinery & power)Scientist (Sr. Scale)View Profile
8.Dr. Kirti Saurabh (Soil Science) ScientistView Profile
9.Dr. Ved Prakash (Agril. (Meteorology)ScientistView Profile
10.Dr. Pawan Jeet (L&WME) ScientistView Profile
11.Er. Mridusmita Debnath (L&WME)Scientist View Profile
12.Dr. Akram Ahmed (L&WME) Scientist (Sr. Scale)View Profile
13.Er. Arti Kumari, Scientist (L&WME)ScientistView Profile
14.Dr. Sonak Gosh (Agronomy)Scientist


Division of Crop Research

Sl. No.Name of ScientistDesignationProfile Details
1.Dr. A.K. Chaudhary (Plant Breeding) Principal ScientistView Profile
2.Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (Agronomy)I/c Head & Principal ScientistView Profile
3.Dr. Mohd. Monobrullah (Agril Entomology)Principal Scientist
4.Dr. Narayan Bhakta (Genetics & Plant Breeding)Principal Scientist
5.Dr. Santosh Kumar (Plant Breeding)Senior Scientist View Profile
6.Dr. Rakesh Kumar (Agronomy) Senior ScientistView Profile
7.Sh. Karnena Koteshwar Rao (Soil Science)Scientist(On Study Leave)View Profile
8.Dr. Abhishek Kumar Dubey (Plant Pathology)ScientistView Profile
9.Dr. Manisha Tamta (Agril. Meteorology) Scientist (On Study Leave)View Profile
10.Dr. Kumari Shubha (Veg. Science)ScientistView Profile
11.Dr. Rachana Dubey (Environmental Science)Scientist
12.Dr. Saurabh Kumar (Agricultural Microbiology)ScientistView Profile
13.Mr. Govind Makarana (Agronomy)ScientistView Profile

Division of Livestock and Fishery Management

Sl. No.Name of ScientistDesignationProfile Details
1.Dr. Kamal Sarma (Fish & Fisheries Sci.) Principal ScientistView Profile
2.Dr. A. Dey (Animal Nutrition)I/c Head & Principal ScientistView Profile
3.Dr. Shankar Dayal (Anim. Gen. & Breeding)Principal ScientistView Profile
4.Dr. Pankaj Kumar (Veterinary Medicine)Senior ScientistView Profile
5.Dr. P. C. Chandran (Anim. Gen. & Breeding)Senior ScientistView Profile
6.Dr. P. K. Ray (Animal Pathology) ScientistView Profile
7.Dr. (Smt.) Rajni Kumari (Biotechnology-Animal)ScientistView Profile
8.Dr. Tarkeshwar Kumar (Aquaculture)ScientistView Profile
9.Sh. Surendra Kumar ahirwal (FRM) ScientistView Profile
10.Dr. Manoj Kumar Tripathi (Animal Physiology)ScientistView Profile
11.Mr. Jaspreet Singh (FRM)ScientistView Profile
12.Dr. Jyoti Kumar, Scientist (Vet. Microbilogy)Scientist
13.Dr. Vivekanand Bharti (Fisheries Resource Mang.)ScientistView Profile
14.Dr. Rakesh Kumar (AGB)Scientist

Research Center, Ranchi

Sl. No.Name of ScientistDesignationProfile Details
1.Dr. Arun Kumar Singh (Veg. Sci.) Principal ScientistView Profile
2.Dr. Rabi Sankar Pan (Horticulture)I/c Head & Principal ScientistView Profile
3.Dr. Bal Krishna Jha (Horticulture-vegetable)Principal ScientistView Profile
4.Dr. Sushanta Kumar Naik (Soil Science)Principal ScientistView Profile
5.Dr. Virendra Kumar Yadav (Agril. Extn.)Principal Scientist
6.Dr. Santosh S. Mali (SWCE) Senior ScientistView Profile
7.Dr. Bhavana Patnaykuni (Plant Breeding)Senior ScientistView Profile
8.Dr. Ajit Kumar Jha (Plant Pathology)Senior Scientist
9.Dr. Jaipal Singh ChoudharyScientistView Profile
10.Dr. Reena Kumari Kamal (Livestock Prod. Mang.)ScientistView Profile
11.Dr. Reshma Shinde (Soil Science) ScientistView Profile
12.Dr. Mahesh Kumar Dhakar (Fruit Science)ScientistView Profile
13.Dr. Meenu Kumari (veg. Science)ScientistView Profile
14.Dr. Prerna Nath (Food Technology)Scientist (Sr. Scale)View Profile

Research Center Makhana, Darbhanga

Sl. No.Name of ScientistDesignationProfile Details
1.Dr. Indu Shekhar Singh (Soil Science) Principal ScientistView Profile
2.Dr. B.R. Jana (Horticulture)Scientist View Profile
3.Dr. Manoj Kumar (Soil Science)I/c Head & Sr. Scientist
4.Mr. Shailendra Mohan Raut (FRM)ScientistView Profile
5.Mr. Vinod Kumar Padala (Agril. Entomology)ScientistView Profile