Details of Technical

Technical Staff at Patna

Sl. No.Name of TechnicalDesignation
1.Dr. S.K. BarariChief Technical Office
2.Er. M.L. SwankarChief Technical Officer
3.Sh. Abhishek KumarAsstt. Chief Technical Officer
4.Sh. Anil KumarAsstt. Chief Technical Officer
5.Sh. P.K. SinghSr.Technical Officer
6.Sh. Vikas KumarSr.Technical Officer
7.Sh. Sarfaraj AhmadSr.Technical Officer
8.Sh. Sanjay RajputTechnical Officer
9.Sh. A.S. MahapatraTechnical Officer
10.Sh. Dev NarayanTechnical Officer
11.Sh. Satish KumarSenior Technical Assistant
12..Sh. Manoj Kumar SinhaSenior Technical Assistant
13.Sh. Suresh ChandraSenior Technical Assistant
14.Sh. Akhila Nand RaySenior Technical Assistant
15.Sh. Amrendra KumarSenior Technical Assistant
16.Sh. Ramesh KumarSenior Technical Assistant(Driver)
17.Sh. Murari maharajSenior Technical Assistant(Driver)
18.Smt. Noopur Kumari Technical Assistant
19.Sh. Umesh Kumar MishraTechnical Assistant (Hindi Translator)
20.Sh. Sanjay KumarTechnical Assistant
21.Sh. Kalyan KumarSenior Technician
22.Sh. Sanjay Lal SrivastavaSenior Technician
23.Sh. Prakash KhatiwadaSenior Technician
24.Sh. Subhash KumarTechnician
25.Sh. Manoj Kumar SinghTechnician
26.Sh. Sunil KumarTechnician
27.Sh. Bipin Kumar Mishra Technician
28..Sh. Surendra Kumar YadavTechnician
29.Sh. Anand RanuTechnician
30.Miss. Usha KiranTechnician

Technical Staff at Ranchi Centre

Sl. No.Name of TechnicalDesignation
1.Sh. G.P. SinghChief Technical Office
2.Sh. P.S. SircarAsstt. Chief Technical Officer
3.Sh. Om PrkashSr. Technical Officer
4.Sh. Chandra S. PrasadSr. Technical Officer
5.Sh. Suresh KumarSr.Technical Officer
6.Sh. Dhananjay KumarTechnical Officer
7.Sh. Arun KumarTechnical Officer
8.Smt. Anima PrabhaTechnical Officer
9.Sh. Dev Charan KujurTechnical Officer
10.Sh. Vijay Kumar Singh Technical Officer
11.Sh. Shashi Kumar AzadTechnical Assistant
12.Sh. H.P. Kashi, (Aux.)Technical Assistant
13.Sh Sagu KachhapTechnician

Technical Staff at Darbhanga Centre

Sl. No.Name of TechnicalDesignation
1.Sh. Ashok Kumar Sr. Technical Assistant
2.Sh. Kamlesh MahtoTechnical Assistant
3.Sh. Dhiraj PrakashSr. Technician
4.Sh. Alok KumarTechnician